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Letter from Lord Michael Eastbrooke

Comrades, I thought I`d let you know how it went at Tournoi de glace.

There were four baronies represented, their Majesties and Highnesses were there, as was the venerable Duke Finvarr. Many of the more formidable fighters from the kingdom were present. Thankfully due to the treacherous driving conditions, Mike the shieldmaker and I arrived too late to particpate in the procession and presentation of the fighters/consorts. You know how I love court!

I believe there was about 35 heavy fighters in a double-elimination single fighter tourney and I made it to the semi-finals in the loser pool, thanks in part, to me drawing Nigel as my second bout- he won. After winning a few fights throughout the day, I lost to a couple of good solid blows from Edward of Flaming Sky. While I really hate losing, I don't mind as much losing to someone I know and like. I believe the day was won by Trumbrand and Kaylah but I was already on my second Guinness and talking trash with James by then, so I am unsure.

It was just Gwendolyn and I ( Avelyn as well?) representing HH and a strong contingent from our Barony- Sahid, James, Edward, Alfwyn -I'm sure I am missing a few- who fought as well. Gwendolyn will give a more detailed account of what else went on. I tend to be distracted by talking to fighter friends I haven't seen in months and assessing the styles of those I am about to fight. Alas, no photos. My phone was dead and Eirk Anderson was not taking pictures. Sorry Cennedig for letting you down.

If I pointed out how bad the drving conditions were on the way home and how it took four hours, would I sound like an old man?

See you on Thursday. Cheers, Michael

Harrowgate Heath A & S

Harrowgate Heath is a canton of both fighting and Art and Science. In an effort to showcase the the skills of the many talented people within our own populace, we the members decided to host an in house competition. We discussed and decided that each competition would have a theme, and each entry had to be within that theme to be considered for winner. We also decided to award the top three winners with gift certificates from their favorite Art, Science, or Craft related store.

Dec of 2013 was the first, of hopefully many, in Canton A&S competitions. The theme was "Something you have never made before" and the entries were quite amazing. There was ink, woodworking, vegetable dyed linen, weaving, quill making, and musical instrument making. The winner was chosen by populace vote and after some need for tie breaking votes, the winner chosen was Michel du Maine the maker of the Gems Horn, a 15th Century musical instrument made from the horn of a cow. While it did now sound the way Michel wanted it to, the fact that he was willing and able to make a musical instrument from the Late Middle Ages awed many of the voters.

Second place was a lovely 15th C chest made by Morag Taylor. She used pine to make the chest and used iron hinges she purchased from Lee Valley. There were no screws used in the construction of the piece. Instead Morag opted for pegs, glue, and nails as done in period.

Third place was won by Martin Brau, who made a lovely little wine.

This year we have given everyone the entire year to work on the Canton A&S competition entries. The theme is "Canton Regalia". Everything made and entered into the contest must be regalia in the Canton colours, or with the Canton device present. The regalia will become the property of the Canton and will be used to decorate future event sites. Contact the Canton's Minister of Arts and Sciences if you need ideas or suggestions.

A Gemshorn made by artisan Michel de Maine