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Where is Harrowgate Heath

The following areas and towns are part of the modern lands that make up the Canton of Harrowgate Heath:

PRESCOTT: Prescott

MERRICKVILLE-WOLFORD: Carleys Corner, Eastons Corners, Hemlock Corners, Jasper, Merrickville, Wolford Chapel, Yule

AUGUSTA: Algonquin, Blue Church, Charleville, Domville, Garretton, Glenmore, Lords Mills, Maitland, Maynard, McLeanville, North Augusta, Perrins Corners, Riverview Heights, Roebuck, South Branch, Sparkle City

EDWARDSBURGH-CARDINAL: Brouseville, Cardinal, Crystal Rock, Glen Smail, Groveton, Hyndman, Johnstown, Mainsville, Pittston, Shanly, Spencerville, Ventnor, Wexford

NORTH GRENVILLE: Actons Corners, Bedell, Bishops Mills, East Oxford, Heckston, Hutchins Corners, Kemptville, Millars Corners, Oxford Mills, Oxford Station, Pattersons Corners, South Gower, Swan Crossing, Van Allen

NORTH DUNDAS: Baldwins Bridge, Belmeade, Chesterville, Hallville, Inkerman, Inkerman Station, Melvin Settlement, Morewood, Mountain, Ormond, Reids Mills, South Mountain, Van Camp, Winchester, Winchester Springs

SOUTH DUNDAS: Archer, Beckstead, Boucks Hill, Brinston, Colquhoun, Dixons Corners, Dunbar, Dundela, Elma, Froatburn, Glen Becker, Glen Stewart, Haddo, Hainsville, Hoasic, Hulbert, Irena, Iroquois, Keelerville, Mariatown, Morrisburg, Orchardside, Riverside Heights, Rowena, Stampville, Toyes Hill, Upper Canada Village, Williamsburg

If you are from the Cornwall area or east of it, you are also welcome to join us, as you do not currently have a local group in your region.