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Arts and Sciences

One of the first things our newcomers notice is the fighting: Armored combatants clashing, a herald crying out the winners, banners flying over a beautifully clad crowd of spectators… Where did the armor come from? Whence the banners? Who made the clothes those spectators wear?

Through the Arts and Sciences (A&S), we strive to recreate the Middle Ages. Some of this is visual: the clothes that help create the atmosphere, the armor that makes the fighting possible, the food we will eat at the feast, the harp that the minstrel is playing. Other portions are intellectual: the discipline and restraint of the fighters, the costumer learning not only the technique of sewing but the medieval clothes-sense as well, the minstrel learning a new aesthetic. These are the domain of the Arts and Sciences.

Monthly Scribal Nights

Lord Dragul Maksimov Vodnikov will be running Scribal Nights at:

7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month
Lady Catherine's (Shelley Black) house (cats)
529 St. Lawrence St., Winchester, Ontario, K0C 2K0

Our MoAS Lady Kaðlín is also arranging a once a month Scribal meeting in Cornwall every third Wednesday of the month at 7pm. The location varies month to month so please contact her, or subscribe to our e-mail lists for details.

Weekly A&S

Armouring and Arts & Science evenings!

It is held in a heated garage but please bring your own chairs or stools. There are tools and workspace to do armoring, but also table space to do any other type of A&S project you would like.

7:30 pm on Monday evenings (until 9:30)
Lady Morag's house (cats)
22 Thompson Road, Chesterville, ON -- MAP

Below are some of the projects that the Canton has completed through A&S Gatherings. They are a mix of links to other pages or PDF files.

"The Beast"



Scrolls / Illumination

Persona Creation

Feast Planning

An escutcheon, like the following, is used to hang on the Baronial 'tree' at events.
It is made from 1/8" MDF and is around 5"x7".

Click here to view a blank image that is to scale that you can print or edit.