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Harrowgate Feast of Love

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

This shall be a feast of arousing promise!
The foods of the Middle Ages that were served as aphrodisiacs,
from the sweet and sensual, to the sinful and succulent!

If you would like to eat off-board, please bring blankets and a picnic for yourself!


White Bread with Nuts
Dried Fruits
Quail Eggs
Salt Fish

First Remove

Asparagus with Saffron
Sausage with vegetables (a vegetarian version will be made with chickpeas)
Barley in Vegetable Broth
Fava Beans in Fennel Sauce
Romania, or Chicken with Pomegranate Juice

Second Remove

Turnips in Cumin Sauce
Roast Kid with Sauce of Gold
Saffron Rice
Veal custards
Orange Omelette for Harlots and Ruffians
Hyppocras (mulled wine)