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Archery at Marshal Meadows

"....... Now flames, the blazing fire, must devour the lord of warriors
who often endured the iron tipped arrow shower, when the dark cloud
loosed by bow strings broke above the shield wall, quivering;
when the eager shaft, with its feather garb, discharged its duty to the barb."


Archery at Marshal Meadows:
Tournament to Determine the next Baronial Archery Champion

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Marshal Meadows Farm,
10830 Van Camp Road, Mountain, Ontario
Site Open: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Along with this wonderful opportunity to watch or participate on the archery range, we have the following activities.

10:00 am
Site opens
Lawn games will be set-up for play
Childrens toys will be set-up for their enjoyment (parents to watch over)
Archery activities begin (practice rounds, Royal Rounds and possibly an IKAC shoot)

10:30 am
A&S competition table opens for exhibits (both strongly or loosely based with an archery theme)

11:00 am
Arrow painting workshop with Lord Richard of DragonCastle

12:00 noon
Judging will begin for A&S entries

12:00 noon
Lunch counter open: pork on bun, ginger cookies, apples and more (served by Lady Emaline deMournay)

1:00 pm
Playing with String workshop by THL Isabella Oakwood

1:00 pm
Bardic competition will begin (both strongly or loosely based with an archery theme) conducted by Lord Dragul Maksimov Vodnikov

2:00 pm
Start of tournament shoot to select the next Baronial Archery Champion
Announcement of A&S + Bardic winners by Lord Dragul Maksimov Vodnikov

3:00 pm
Brass Rubbing workshop by Jeanne Aganetha Mari (Fee: Adults: $10, Children: $8)

4:00 pm
Heraldic Painting workshop by Herr Reinhart Von Altenburg

4-6:00 pm
Trading Circle (bring your unwanted garb or feast gear pieces to trade with others)

5:00 pm
A announcement of Baronial Archery Champion (THL Edhan L’Espoire DeBrus)

6:00 pm
Site closes

A list of local restaurants will be available at gate.

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