Get ready for the upcoming season of wars. Come out and spend the day in various styles of fighting, including the full castle siege and final battle.

A warm up of a trail ambush or other combat fun will also be planned.

A kids siege will also be run using water guns and water balloons, so bring your ammunition and be ready!

A full archery range will be set-up for target archery and an archery tourney will be held.

Combat archers are also invited to come out as the combat area should allow for archers to participate in the siege.


Food and

Bring out your latest A&S project and cheer on the fighters.

Specific group projects or A&S classes are being planned, more details will be posted as the planning progresses.

A partial day board will be available (included in your gate fee) made up of locally grown foods such as fresh bread and butter, local cheese and fruit and roast pork.

A refreshment stand will also be vailable with drinks for a reasonable price.

Harrowgate Heath arms

Have Fun Storming the Castle!!!

Harrowgate Heath arms