The Drums of War are Pounding!

The armies are massing, the defences are set! The storehouses are filled and the populace is braced for a long siege.

Will the brave defenders be able to fend off the attacking horde? Will the attacking army breach the defences and conquer the territory?

Image of castle on a hill

Scouts have alerted the Canton of Harrowgate Heath that a Summer Seige is about to begin. The call has gone out to our allies, both near and far, to join us in defending the lands and break the siege.

Follow the sounds of battle over the heath and join us in defending the borderlands of Skraeling Althing!

When: Saturday, June 20th
Where: Grant Mor Farm
17969 McIntosh Rd,
Monkland, Ontario

Cost: $8 gate (includes Kingdom tithe and snack)
Babes under 5: free

Important Note: This is a completely outdoor event with no permanent shelter for bad weather. Should heavy rain hit on the night before or the day of the event, the event may need to be postponed or cancelled as the field may be too muddy. If you want to be notified if this should happen, please provide your name and contact information to our Reservation Clerk, Lady Avelyn Wexcombe (real name, Melanie Reasbeck) at and she will do her best to contact everyone about any change in plans with as much notice as possible.

Harrowgate Heath arms

Have Fun Storming the Castle!!!

Harrowgate Heath arms