Below you will find the tentative schedule for the event. More details on archery and A&S (and possibly other activities) will be added as we get closer to the event so please check back in.

The event takes place on an 18-acre horse property - Grant Mor Farm. On site will be a large hay bale castle and an archery range.

10:00 am - Site opens

11:00 am
- Inspections

12:00 pm - Baronial champion tournament

Break for lunch

1:30 pm - Castle siege begins (two teams, no combat archery for first round)

2:00 pm - Castle siege #2 (with combat archery and siege weapons)

2:30 pm - Horse archery demonstration

3:00 pm - Archery competition and castle siege #3

4:00 pm - Woods ambush for fighters (if not too exhausted) water balloon siege
for the kids

4:30 pm - Baronial Court

6:00 pm - Event ends


Harrowgate Heath arms

Have Fun Storming the Castle!!!

Harrowgate Heath arms