The Drums of War are Pounding!

Scouts have alerted the Canton of Harrowgate Heath that a Summer Seige is about to begin. The call has gone out to our allies, both near and far, to join us in defending the lands and break the siege.

Follow the sounds of battle over the heath and join us in defending the borderlands of Skraeling Althing!

Image of castle on a hill


When: Saturday, June 26th, 2010
Where: Grant Mor Farm
17969 McIntosh Rd,
Monkland, Ontario

Adults: $9
Children 5-14: $5
Children under 5: free
(includes Kingdom tithe and snack)
$3 Non-Member Surcharge in effect

Note: This is an outdoor only site with no indoor rain facilities. In the case of heavy rains on the day, the site will not be usable.

Harrowgate Heath arms

Have Fun Storming the Castle!!!

Harrowgate Heath arms