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Fighter Bio's

Lady Morag Taylor

A seasoned fighter, this Teutonic squire has traveled here to test herself against fighters from her neighboring Kingdom. Though far from her knight, she trains herself hard and fights well. Morag trains the fighters in her local group, and knows all the tricks. Watch for her to be a solid fight ... not flashy, but with a good knowledge base and weapons depth.

Weapons strength: sword and shield or two sword

Lord Michael Eastbrooke

Veteran of countless skirmishes along the borders of Scotland and Wales as well as across the channel in France, this English cavalryman has proved his prowess in war from horseback. He has travelled here to prove himself in foot combat! A left handed fighter, which is always a challenge, Michael is a strong shieldman with a style most of the fighters here are not as familiar with. Watch for a strong showing from him.

Weapons strength: sword and shield

Lord Christophe de Friselle

The Stormin’ Norman, Christophe is actually fairly quiet... but that’s not because he’s shy, it’s because he lets that big mucking axe of his do the talking. Christophe has been fighting many years, and has the skill and weapons depth to show for it... he’s comfortable with a variety of weapons, from that brutal axe, swift spear, to a solidly defensive sword and shield. Anybody who beats him is going to have to work for it.

Weapons strength: most everything ... but watch out for that axe!

Lord Olaf Haraldsson

A force from the North, Olaf is the Viking to like. He is a bodyguard to royalty, veteran of the Pennsic Wars. His strong axe has killed knights, his swift spear slain kings. A warrior who has been fighting for more than a decade, he may not look the biggest or strongest, but he has a very large ... axe. Watch for him to be fast and tricky ... his motto is “kill ‘em quick before they have a chance to do something clever.”

Weapons strength: spear or axe

Laird Ian MacDonald

Honoured by his Kingdom for his fighting prowess, this Highland Scot is a seasoned veteran... having fought in many wars and even more tournaments, he brings experience that some here lack. Ian’s a brawler at heart ... he’ll stand toe to toe with anyone foolish enough to try. Watch for him to close the gap quickly and bring the pain with him.

Weapons strength: sword and shield, greatsword

Arnbjorn Grettirson

The “Bjorn” in Arnbjorn means “bear” and this Viking is definitely built like one. Don’t expect him to be slow and clumsy though ... his spear is quick and his defense tight. While he’s not afraid to use his strength, it’s not the only weapon in his arsenal. He may be the least experienced fighter here today ... but he’s been through enough battles to have that killer instinct, and won’t hesitate when he sees an opening.

Weapons strength: sword and shield or spear