Fencing Schedule

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10:30 Authorizations/Inspections
11:00 Team Melee Tournament (List #1)
EAoD Prize Fights Begin (List #2 & #3)
12:30 Lunch Break
1:00 EAoD All-Comers Round (List #2 & #3)
1:30 Baronial Selection Tourney - War point (List #1)
List #2 & #3 Open for pick-ups
3:00 Roof-top Mass Melee Tourney (List #1)
4:30 Fencing ends
Note: Schedule is subject to change as we get closer to the event.

Tournament Descriptions:

The following tournaments are planned for the day. Depending on the number of participants and the speed of the rounds, we may have to adjust the exact timing on the day. Should we have extra time, we will add additional fencing to fill up the time until everyone has gotten all the fencing they can stand, or time runs out – whichever comes first.
Team Melee Tournament: Capture the Noble

Teams will be selected to represent Skraeling Althing and Dragon Dormant and their respective allies (numbers will be evened out for fairness). Each round will include one attacking side and one defending side. The defending side will designate a “Noble” to protect. This will switch when one team either has protected the “Noble” (all attackers are dead) or has taken the “Noble” alive (either by submission or incapacitation by non-fatal wounds) for ransom. No death from behind. The “Noble” will be armed with only a dagger.

Four rounds will be fought with each side defending twice, and attacking twice. Tie breaker is based on quickest victory. If the "Noble" is killed in the attack it is considered a victory for the defending team (it's better to be killed in combat than to be captured by the enemy). Intentionally killing your own “Noble” is not allowed. The "Noble" on the losing team may be brought forward into court later in the day for ransom.

Baronial Selection Tournament – War Point:

One-on-one tourney with the Barons/Baronesses choosing combatants for each round.
Fighter pools will be formed prior to the tourney to represent Skraeling Althing and Dragon Dormant and their allies (we'll adjust the "allies" so that there is an even number of combatants in each pool). For each round, the Baron/Baroness for each side picks a combatant out of their fighter pool. Matching forms is not required but is encouraged in the case of newer fencers. No repeat selections, once a fighter has been used, they may not fight again. As a result, strategy will be important for the Baronial selections (when to chose to use best fighters etc). Each round is best two out of three, and the number of rounds will be based on number of entrants so that everyone gets to fight. Tasteful heckling is encouraged.
The side with the most victories gets the Rapier war point. The combined Barons/Baronesses may also select a fencer as their most inspirational.

Roof-top Mass Melee tournament:

A riot has started in the streets of Naples, and it has spread to the rooftops. This battle is a massive melee free for all, with each fencer on his/her own. Fighters can only walk along lines painted on the gym floor (these are the roof peaks). At least one foot must stay on the roof peak line at all times. If both feet come off, you have fallen down the steep roofs and down onto the street to your death! No death from behind. Last fencer standing is the winner.

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