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These directions assume that after you headed off you ended up driving east along the 401 to get to the Ottawa area. There is also a Google Maps link following the directions if you are more comfortable letting Google give you directions.

  1. From Hwy 401, take exit 721 - Hwy 416 North to Kemptville/Ottawa
  2. Take exit # 12 Leeds & Grenville Road 21 (Spencerville)
  3. Turn LEFT at "T" onto Road 21 (follow sign to Spencerville)
  4. Turn RIGHT at "T" (follow sign to Spencerville)
  5. Pass through the town of Spencerville - note the Drummonds Station & Store
  6. Travel approx. 3km out of town - turn RIGHT onto Ventnor Road - cross the 416 using the over-pass
  7. Turn LEFT (immediately after crossing over-pass) continue on County Road 44 (follow sign to Kemptville)
  8. Turn RIGHT at the sigh for the village of Groveton (it's basically just that intersection with no town-like buildings)
  9. The Woods Farm is the farmhouse on the left appearing through the treeline. You can be sure you are at the right place if you see a skull hanging from the mailbox.

The address is 279 Groveton Rd, Spencerville, Ontario

Site Services

There is a hot shower facility, freezer to store ice, and access to water. The water is potable (but from a hose) so some may want to bring a supply of drinking water.

Also there is a pond suitable for swimming. The pond is deep with steep banks and children should be closely supervised when swimming or near pond.

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