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Summer Siege 2013

June 15th- 16th, 2013

A woman riding a horse.

"The time is upon us,
we prepare for the Siege."
–– Lady Morag Taylor

Harrowgate Heath is ready.
Are you ?

Summer Siege 2013 is set with a new site, specially made for medival events and camping. The new site offers amenities for jousting, fighting lists, archery, throwing weapons, indoor and outdoor cooking with period shelters available. Feast will be in Saturday evening.

All events can continue even in the rain!

We will be having this year's Baronial Championships in:

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The heavy clunks of combat.

For the Heavy Fighters

Marshal Lady Morag – Come out and and fight on the high seas. Hardy souls will be doing ship to ship fighting. Ships are maneuvered by rowers who can drop an "oar" and pick up the sword but beware of setting yourselves adrift and being out maneuvered during battle.

Captains and crews will be decided the day of the event. Combat archery will be allowed for certain battles. We will be doing a peasant battle for some of the scenarios. Armour inspection starts at 1000. Warm up and Authorizations for the next hour. Fighting starts at 1100.

Schedule outline: Inspections and Authorizations at 1100, Ship to ship fighting starts at 1200

Medieval wood cut of a scribe.

For the Arts and Sciences

Lady Kaðlin – An A&S competition with classes throughout Saturday.

Two colourful fencers on the attack.

For the Fencers

Fencing Marshal – Lord Dafyd - Baronial Rapier Champions Tourney Format TBD

Gang Plank Siege We’re going to echo the sea battle theme from the armoured combat, so this year’s melee will forgo the usual castle. Instead, two ships will meet in the middle of the ocean and the crews will engage across gangplanks. No jumping between ships, or between gangplanks, will be permitted. Team with last combatant standing wins the round, best 2 out of three (or more if folks are enjoying the format). If we don’t have enough fencers to do a melee, we’ll do a more standard one on one format tournament within the layout of the ships instead.

Roll of the Dice Bearpit Tourney Each time a combatant enters the list they will role a die to determine the weapons form they will use. If they are not authorized in the form rolled, they reroll. (If only authorized in single, no need to roll). Combatants will fight, winner stays in and will keep the same form as long as they are winning. Once they lose, they will re-roll when they re-enter the list. Matching forms isn’t necessary as it’s up to lady luck to determine the advantage/disadvantage. However, some consideration when fighting new fencers.

11:00 am - Inspections, 11:30 am - Authorizations, 12:00 pm Baronial Rapier Champion tourney (standard double elimination format unles Their Excellencies prefer something else), Lunch Break, 1:30 pm - 5:00ish - Other rapier tournaments and pick-ups

For the Archers

Marshal Brent Baker – Come and try you hand and compete to become the next Baronial Archery Champion. The morning will be open shooting. Youth archery at 1100. At 1300 there will be a royal hunt in the woods.



We would like to encourage people to participate in a pot-luck feast for lunch and in the evening. Bring your fire safe cookery as someone will be tending the fire all day. Electricity is limited. Cool space is extremely limited but a freezer is on site.

Water is from a well, it is potable but delievered via a hose. You might wish to bring your own drinking water.

Bring out your favorite dishes to share with your friends.

Monk brewer with the keys to the wine cellar sampling the wares.


This is a private camp site. BYOB is acceptable. However, we expect people to drink responsibly.

There will be a ride program strictly enforced by some big harry Vikings.

Lord Michael riding.

For the Equestrians

Equestrian has been canceled at this time. We apoligise for any inconvience but real life struck our Marshal.

Medieval fight.

For Young Fighters

Boffer – We will be running a tournament early. Inspection at 0930. Fighting at 10-11

Children's activities- 1100 - three legged race, 1400 - potato race

Throwing Axe

Thrown Weapons

His Excellency of Septemtria Baron Grom will be Marshalling the thrown weapon championship



Space is free and plentiful. Please contact Lord Michel duMaine to co-ordinate.

A photo of the site.

Site Rules

Our new site is hosted at John Wood Farm near Kemptville in a purpose built medieval re-creationist site. This private site includes jousting and fighting lists, indoor and outdoor cooking areas and period looking shelters are available.

Dogs are allowed on site. However, they must be well behaved and leashed at all times. This is a farm and there will be horses around. If someone can't control their dog they will be asked to remove the animal.

Child Tagging – Please note that children must wear a tag with an identification number. Guardians of minors shall be within voice or sight of their dependents at all times. A wrist strap will be handed out at Troll. This is required to comply with Corpora.

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