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Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg

Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg is a Saxon woman living in Aldburg, on the east coast of what was once Mercia in the mid 10th century. Her father was a merchant, who traded in the Aldburg port. Alongside her brothers, Gwendolyn learned to wield a sword from her uncle. She was often drawn to the docks, full of strange people and goods from distant lands.

Strong willed and stubborn, Gwendolyn refused all offers of marriage until her father gave her an ultimatum: choose or he would choose for her. Gwendolyn chose instead to leave, taking ship with the Danes away from England and eventually ending up in Kievan Rus'. There she met a Rytsar who, noting her penchant for sword work, took her as his student and from him she learned much. Despite loving her new life, she always continues to consider herself Saxon