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A big part of what the Canton of Harrowgate Heath is about is encouraging new people to have fun and learn about the Middle Ages. The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) has a lot to offer and our Canton is focused on helping new members find their place and explore the various aspects of life in the SCA in an environment that encourages fun and creativity.

So, what is this SCA thing anyway?

The SCA is an organization that was founded to celebrate what was best about the Middle Ages, things like honour, pageantry and chivalry, without those pesky plagues and famines. The SCA focuses on recreating life from the time between 600 AD and 1600-1650 AD in Western Europe.

Members of the SCA are from all walks of life and share a common interest in researching and re-creating aspects of life in the Middle Ages. This includes crafts, armoured fighting, archery or any other aspect of life in the Middle Ages you can think of.

When at events, members of the SCA adopt medieval personas that help them get in the spirit of medieval life. They may adopt a new name for use in the Society, dress in period clothing (called garb) and even develop a background story to explain who they are.

You can also find out more about Harrowgate Heath.

First Steps…

The best first step you can make on your journey in the SCA is to contact our Chatelaine. The Chatelaine is the person within an SCA group whose job it is to welcome newcomers and help introduce them to life in the SCA.

The Chatelaine can tell you more about the SCA, get you started on making your own medieval garb or find you garb that you can borrow until you can get your own. They can also help by introducing you to other members who may be skilled in your areas of interest.

You can contact Harrowgate Heath's Chatelaine, Christine of Cornwall, who would be more than happy to help you find out more about the SCA and Harrowgate Heath.

We are based in Winchester, Ontario and cover the old counties of Grenville and Dundas, south of Ottawa. If you are outside of Harrowgate Heath’s territory please refer to the shields below which will link you to other local groups, as well as our Barony, Kingdom and the SCA official Web site.

SCA Inc.SCA Inc.
Kingdom of EaldormereEaldormere
Barony of Skraeling AlthingSkraeling Althing
(eastern Ontario)
Canton of CaldrithigCaldrithig
Canton of GrayfellsGrayfells
Stronghold of Tor BrantTor Brant