Speaking SCAdian

Arts and Sciences – those medieval crafts and skills which we research and practice in the SCA.

Autocrat/Event Steward – the person in charge of an event. Sometimes the suffix “crat” gets added to other words to identify the person running the activity. However, many people shy away from this non-medieval terminology, and try to use real words from the middle ages.

Bardic Circle – an informal gathering for singing and storytelling. Any who attend are welcome to perform appropriate material, but you can just sit and listen if you prefer.

Chirurgeon – a gentle who can administer first aid at events.

Chivalry – a person recognized by the King; Queen, and other Chivalry as one who possesses prowess in heavy weapons combat and chivalric virtues. A Knight swears fealty to the Crown, while a Master-of-Arms does not.

Court – a gathering where the King and Queen of a Kingdom make announcements and presents awards. Principalities can hold Principality Courts, and Baronies can hold Baronial Courts.

Crash space – informal lodgings with members of the group holding the event. Many Society members regard anyone in the organization as a distant cousin, and make floor space available for out-of-town visitors.

Dry/Damp/Wet Site – alcoholic beverage policies. Dry sties allow no alcohol. Damp sites permit wine, beer and mead, but no hard liquor. Wet sites have no restrictions. Of course, at any site, local laws regarding alcohol consumption must be followed.

Event – any Society gathering; You’re welcome to go to anything listed in your local and kingdom newsletters, and you’ll find things to do besides watch at most of them. Some activities (mainly the martial activities) take special training; and you’ll need to be “authorized” before you can take part in those.

Feast Gear – a place setting for a feast, which usually includes a plate, bowl, goblet, spoon and knife.

Garb – clothing based on that worn during the Middle Ages or Renaissance. Required at all events except some local meetings and activities – but your first attempt doesn’t have to be fancy, and many groups have facilities to loan you garb. Garb can also be referred to by the medieval term: clothes.

Gate – the place to check in or buy at the door admission to an event. A society habit has been to call the gate “Troll”, but, to my disappointment, there were no trolls or troll booths in the Middle Ages.

Gentle – any person, not gender specific.

Laurel – A person recognized by the King; Queen, and other Laurels as one who has excelled to a mastery level in an art or science, and who possesses great virtue.

Mundane – modern, not in the SCA. Some Society members take offense at this term, and refer to non-SCA people and things as modern or 21st century. However, forgive those who use it – they don’t mean to be insulting.

Peer – A Knight, Laurel, or Pelican.

Pelican – A person recognized by the King; Queen, and other Pelicans as one who has served their Kingdom and the SCA greatly and who possesses great virtue.

Period – The Middle Ages and Renaissance, which compromise the era used by the Society as a base for its activities; or, as an adjective, of, from, or reflecting that era.

Persona – The background and attitude that a person uses during an event when they pretend to be from the Middle Ages. A part of a persona is a medieval name.

Post-Revel (also referred to as Post-Rev) – a party after the main event, usually in someone’s home, for socializing and unwinding. Guests often wear modern dress. Post-Revels are not SCA official sponsored activities.

Proof of SCA Membership – Your membership card or a recent kingdom newsletter label with your name and address.

Revel – a party.

Regnum – list of Society branches and officers.

Royal Peer – A Count, Countess, Duke or Duchess. These people have served as King or Queen, a Count or Countess once and a Duke or Duchess more then once.

SCA Name – The name someone uses in the Society. Includes at least one given name, and can have at least one other name or qualifier, but no titles; all titles used in the SCA must be SCA royalty.

Site – the place an event is being held.

Site Fee – the cost of admission to an event, usually stated in the coin of the modern country where the event is held.