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Step Five - Getting Involved

Believe it or not, one of the best ways for someone to get to know all about the SCA and meet lots of interesting new people is to volunteer to help out. There's always lots to do at any event, and the Canton is always looking for people to do a variety of jobs.

In fact, the SCA as a whole puts tremendous value on the act of volunteering. Just as we recognize skill in the arts and with the sword, there are a host of awards for those who have made a tremendous contribution to our hobby through giving of their time and effort to help make the SCA better for us all.

One way you can help is to pitch in at events. There are always lots of jobs at events and event organizers (called Autocrats or Event Stewards) are always in need of help. If you want to help, you can contact the Autocrat ahead of the event or ask at the gate when you arrive.

Some suggestions include:

  • Help with setting up the event site (setting up tables, decorating etc.);
  • Cleaning up after the event (cleaning up the hall, washing dishes, packing gear);
  • Staffing the registration table or a refreshment stand;
  • Serving at feast (a really great way to meet people, and you often get feast at a discount or even free).

You can also volunteer to help with the administration of the Canton. Some options include:

  • Volunteering to help plan an event (as Autocrat, Deputy Autocrat etc);
  • Stepping up as a Canton officer or as a deputy officer (if you want to learn the ropes);
  • Write articles for the Canton Web site, or for the Baronial or Kingdom newsletters;
  • Offer to teach a course if you have skills in a particular A&S activity;
  • Participate in the frequent demos that Canton members do to show children and other groups about the Middle Ages.

You can contact our Seneschal if you would like to volunteer in any capacity.