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Step One - Is the SCA for me?

You would be surprised at the wide variety of people you will meet in the SCA. They come from all walks of life, income levels and backgrounds. There is a place for almost everyone in the SCA.

Some common interests that might mean you will enjoy the SCA could include:

  • Do you enjoy history and researching the past?
  • Do you enjoy arts and crafts (things like sewing, woodworking, cross-stitch are all a major part of the SCA)
  • Does the idea of fencing, or putting armor on and bashing people with a sword interest you?
  • Do you enjoy dancing, feasting and merrymaking?
All of the above are important parts of what we do in the SCA.

Above all, one thing you will hear from most people who have joined the SCA is that they love the social aspects of their hobby. You will meet all kinds of new people, many of whom will have similar interests. People in the SCA tend to be very friendly and more than willing to talk about their arts and crafts projects, their research or anything else of interest.

Still not sure? Here’s an article on why normally sane adults seem to be drawn to the SCA.

Sound interesting? If so, why not contact our Chatelaine? She would be more than happy to help you find out more about the SCA and Harrowgate Heath.

Some more links to give you some information about the SCA:

SCA Jargon
What about all those funny terms? Learn "SCA-speak" and talk like a native!

Life in the Current Middle Ages
A really good general introduction to what we're all about.

Forward Into The Past (English)
An introductory pamphlet on the SCA, with some local Ottawa information.

Il était une fois, jadis (Français)
La même choses pour nos amis francophones.

The Guiding Hand
An excellent series of articles, including a New Members' Guide, maintained by a member from the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas, Oklahoma). You should be aware that some customs may differ between their kingdom and ours.

The Barony of al-Barran's Newcomer's Guide
Another excellent guide for people new to the SCA from the SCA group surrounding Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico. The same caveat as the link above applies (local customs may differ).