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Looking for the latest news about the Canton of Harrowgate Heath? This is where you will find news about members of the Canton, what the Canton is doing and any other important news. Notices about open officer positions and other Canton business will also be posted here, so check back regularly.

If you have some news that you would like to have posted, or would like to submit an article, contact our Clerk-Register

May 30th 2015

Trebuchet Day 2015 which is hosted by the barony of Skraeling Althing is coming up on May 30 at the Upper Canada Village Medieval site. Come out and help setup the Baronial Trebuchet.!

January 30, 2014

Letter from Lord Michael Eastbrooke

Comrades, I thought I`d let you know how it went at Tournoi de glace.

There were four baronies represented, their Majesties and Highnesses were there, as was the venerable Duke Finvarr. Many of the more formidable fighters from the kingdom were present. Thankfully due to the treacherous driving conditions, Mike the shieldmaker and I arrived too late to particpate in the procession and presentation of the fighters/consorts. You know how I love court!

I believe there was about 35 heavy fighters in a double-elimination single fighter tourney and I made it to the semi-finals in the loser pool, thanks in part, to me drawing Nigel as my second bout- he won. After winning a few fights throughout the day, I lost to a couple of good solid blows from Edward of Flaming Sky. While I really hate losing, I don't mind as much losing to someone I know and like. I believe the day was won by Trumbrand and Kaylah but I was already on my second Guinness and talking trash with James by then, so I am unsure.

It was just Gwendolyn and I ( Avelyn as well?) representing HH and a strong contingent from our Barony- Sahid, James, Edward, Alfwyn -I'm sure I am missing a few- who fought as well. Gwendolyn will give a more detailed account of what else went on. I tend to be distracted by talking to fighter friends I haven't seen in months and assessing the styles of those I am about to fight. Alas, no photos. My phone was dead and Eirk Anderson was not taking pictures. Sorry Cennedig for letting you down.

If I pointed out how bad the drving conditions were on the way home and how it took four hours, would I sound like an old man?

See you on Thursday. Cheers, Michael

January 27, 2014

Harrowgate Heath A & S

Harrowgate Heath is a canton of both fighting and Art and Science. In an effort to showcase the the skills of the many talented people within our own populace, we the members decided to host an in house competition. We discussed and decided that each competition would have a theme, and each entry had to be within that theme to be considered for winner. We also decided to award the top three winners with gift certificates from their favorite Art, Science, or Craft related store.

Dec of 2013 was the first, of hopefully many, in Canton A&S competitions. The theme was "Something you have never made before" and the entries were quite amazing. There was ink, woodworking, vegetable dyed linen, weaving, quill making, and musical instrument making. The winner was chosen by populace vote and after some need for tie breaking votes, the winner chosen was Michel du Maine the maker of the Gems Horn, a 15th Century musical instrument made from the horn of a cow. While it did now sound the way Michel wanted it to, the fact that he was willing and able to make a musical instrument from the Late Middle Ages awed many of the voters.

Second place was a lovely 15th C chest made by Morag Taylor. She used pine to make the chest and used iron hinges she purchased from Lee Valley. There were no screws used in the construction of the piece. Instead Morag opted for pegs, glue, and nails as done in period.

Third place was won by Martin Brau, who made a lovely little wine.

This year we have given everyone the entire year to work on the Canton A&S competition entries. The theme is "Canton Regalia". Everything made and entered into the contest must be regalia in the Canton colours, or with the Canton device present. The regalia will become the property of the Canton and will be used to decorate future event sites. Contact the Canton's Minister of Arts and Sciences if you need ideas or suggestions.

A Gemshorn made by artisan Michel de Maine

January 22, 2014

The leather working class for this weekend's Canton meeting has been postponed. Please watch the calendar for updates!

The members of the Canton of Harrowgate Heath are tremendously saddened by the death of our friend Melissa Richmond. We grieve the loss of a special lady and fully support the police in their ongoing search for answers.

Media wishing more information about the Society for Creative Anachornism should contact Lady Avelyn Wexcombe of Great Bedwyn (Melanie Reasbeck) at Ealdormere.media@gmail.com

Fall Coronation

We are looking for great pictures with caption for our veryOur Fall Coronation Web page has been updated with the latest information. Please see coronation.harrowgateheath.com for more information.

Images from Pensic
Michael holding the banner of Aevianna at Pensic

An exhausted Michael having a reflective moment holding the spear with Lady Avienna's badge during the town battle.

Some of Harrowgate Heath ready for battle

Morag and Michael at the end of the woods battle with members of their host- the Lions of the Cross. Big Alaric and his son Ryan in the back and the stinky viking Sven in front. Battle was won by our side.

A sewing night has been started!

Please see the Calendar on the Activities page for more information!

April 17th, 2013 – Letter to the Barony; Late Winter Shoot; Break the Back of Winter; Champions Tournaments

Greetings unto the Blossoming Barony of Skraeling Althing from your Beneficent Baron Giovanni and Bountiful Baroness Lucia; Wassail!

There is much to be proud of in the Barony this spring. Thanks to the efforts of Our canton of Greyfells, Winter's back has finally been broken and the land is turning green. We have high hopes for a grand harvest this fall.

Recently We were witness to King Roak and Queen Elizabeth bestowing an Award of Arms to Lord Micheal duMaine (aka Micheal the Shieldmaker) at Late Winter Shoot. King Roak particularly commended Lord Micheal on the Accuracy (both historic and to the target) of the bows he's made, in a time when it is too easy to take short cuts.

This past weekend, We were able to pass on for their Majesties awards to two of Our people. Lord George Ward and Lord Hostilius Mendax were both gifted their Award of Arms scrolls on the list field, where warriors are frequently found.

We recognized Bartholomew the Pious, of Harrowgate Heath, for authorizing in Armoured Combat and presented him with his bunny tail.

Nicole Lebel of Tor Brant also received her bunny tail in what was her original Canton. She had come to share both her knowledge by teaching and her skill by entering the A&S competition.

We were also finally able to do the same for Lady Brayla la Vientte. Not only has she served as our Baronial Exchequer, she also sits on the Privy Council and is clearly one of the big reasons We have such fine boffer champions.

Sarah the Playful, who attended Us at Late Winter shoot has consistently impressed Us with her archery skills, her dedication and her helpfulness. For this We bestowed on her a Tantony.

Baronial Council met at this event and appointed a new Baronial Exchequer. Lady Emelote of Calais will join the counsel in this regard. Thank you Lady Brayla la Vientte for your hard work these last two years.

The 'blind' A&S competition this event is known was graced by both many fantastic entries and also many skilled judges. We were well pleased by the many entries, and delighted by the range of depth and breadth of the talent in the Barony. The grand winner was Marguerite Gingraix for her oak gall project.

We would like to announce that We will be putting our Archers, Missile Weapon Throwers, and Rapier Combatants to the test to select Our champions in these disciplines at Summer Siege, June 15th. This event will be at a new location.

in your service Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia

April 7, 2013

We would like to thank Meisterin Siglinde Harfnerstochter for her service as Exchequer. We know she went to great efforts on our behalf. Jane Caldwell will be replacing her.

We would also like to thank Lady Gina Dragonifor her service as Seneshal whom also put in great efforts to grow and organize our club.

Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg was elected at our March meeting as the new Seneshal starting April 1st, 2013.

March 7, 2013 – Letter to the Barony -- Practicum - Chronicle

Greetings unto the learned Barony of Skraeling Althing from your scholarly Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia; Wassail!

We enjoyed a disruption of the dull dark days of winter this past weekend by a visit to Caldrithig who hosted Practicum. Practicum was a day of classes from reknown scholars followed by an evening of story telling and dancing. Somewhere in the middle we met with our Baronial Councel and had a Baronial Court.

Our Baronial Councel decided upon two new members on Saturday. Lady Giana Gabriella di Milano (giana@...) has agreed to take over as the Baronial Chronicler. We hope you will send Lady Giana articles or pictures for Our newsletter. We would like to thank Dame Helen of Greyfells and Lady Eluned ferch Angor for thier hard work on the Skraeling Althing Chronicle this past year.

Also brought to the Counsel is a new Scribe, Jane Cadwell. Jane will be responsible for taking the minutes and sending copies to ourself and our councel.

In Our court, as a start to the evneings festivities We helped to recognize those who do good works in the Barony. The Sword of Vodnikov, often awarded at Feast of the Hare by the autocrat for service on the day-of, went to Dame Helen of Greyfells . This is the second time she has recieved this honour.

Our favourite award, the Bunny Tail, given to our new, and very active members. Bunny tails were presented to Amycia Harte, and Nakahara Masako, talented scribes from Harrowgate Heath, and Tristan of Caldrithig, one of our authorized rapier combantants from Caldrithig.

The order of the Tantonny grew by one more, and was awarded to miss Grainne Fionn. Miss Grainne is 10 years old and already entering Ealdornere's Pentathalon.

During Our court We were a task by Thier Royal Magesties, King Roak and Queen Elizabeth, to read was a kingdom scroll for one of our own. Lord Galfrid the Tiny, was awarded the Maiden's Heart. It was important to his Magesty that Lord Galfrid be recognized without further delay.

In your service Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia

January 22nd – Letter to the Barony: 12th Night; taxes; Council position

Greetings unto the virtuous populace of the Barony of Skraeling Althing from your just Baron Giovanni and prudent Baroness Lucia;

This year We enjoyed sharing Our winter festival, Baronial 12th Night, with Our noble Cousins of Septentria. The gathering was light and festive, and the food was plentiful, delicious, and sometimes on fire. We won't soon forget prowess of 'King Forkbeard'. The Krampus was told of our many and varied sins and with the help of their young Majesties of Misrule, assigned appropriate punishment to absolve those so afflicted for the coming year.

As is tradition, from Our days when Skraeling Althing was within Septentria's borders, We declared taxes for the coming year at 12th Night.

This is Our fifth opportunity to ask of the Barony for the taxes. We began with a request for 'Supplies', then came 'Song', 'Presents' and most recently 'Pilgrimage'. In all of these your generosity provided for Us far beyond what we expected. As a reward, this year we ask of you something we know you all have in abundance and which will be no hardship at all for you to provide to Us. This year, Our taxes are 'Virtue'. We request that your virtues be on display both throughout the year and also at this November's Feast of the Hare when the Cantons present their taxes to Us. Please speak with your Seneschal with any plans or visions you have.

Finally, We wish to add a request from Our Baronial Seneshal, Lord Nathaniel Jonessone. He is seeking a new Chronicler for the Barony. This person will be responsible for issuing the Skraeling Althing Chronicle newsletter four times per year. This is a voting member of the Baronial Counsel, and one of the key positions for keeping our Baronial status within the Kingdom. Please send a letter of interest to Lord Nathaniel as soon as possible. Applications due by February 16, 2013.

in your service Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia

November 10, 2012

Feast of Hare

Greetings unto the glorious populace of Skraeling Althing from your proud Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia! Wassial!


A special pleasure was that we were able to stand with three generations of those who sat the thrones of Skraeling Althing before us. Mistress Baroness Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, founding Baroness of this Barony, her Baron, Master Baron Henry of Linlithgow, Baron James Eric of York, the current Baron of Castle Rouge, Mistress Baroness Xristina Viaceslavibna, Sir Baron Menken Brechen, and Dame Baroness Eleanor Cadfan were all in attendance, making this Feast of the Hare a wonderful family reunion.
Our proud Baronials


Our valiant combatants kept the lists occupied much of the day... The Pair's Tournament was won by Duke Sir Tormot Quilliam and Lord Michael of Easterbrooke.


We began by presenting Faustus of Caldrithig and Jayne Caldwell with their Bunny Tails. We welcome to the growing Barony!


The feast of the Hare is also the time when we award our Chalice. The honour of bearing the chalice for the following year is given to a member of our populace who has made great efforts in order to fully presenting their persona. Lord Nathaniel Jonessone 'The Dane' will carry the chalice for the next year. He has been recognized as being committed to persona research and We enjoy how he plays Our game. We also thank our populace for making the choice so very difficult.

In addition to this recognition, Lord Nathaniel Jonessone 'The Dane' willingly replaced The Honourable Lady Constance of Caldrithig as Baronial Seneschal. into this position. We look forward to working with Lord Nathaniel for the next few years.


Our final item in court was the presentation of this years taxes, "Pilgrimage". Words cannot express our pleasure at the many members of our barony who have made efforts to travel to events near and far and also to welcome those from outside our lands into their homes. We greatly enjoyed their brief tales of travel and friendship and look forward to hearing longer ones over the long dark nights to come.


Lord Saito Takahiro, Japanease Archer, received their Award of Arms.


We also wish to make note that, and we hope the lateness of this announcement is excused, Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg, warrior, was bestowed with an Award of Arms at Pennsic War.

In your service,
Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia

July 24, 2012

Letter to the Barony


We found a new Baronial Armoured Champion, Lord Ulric the Lawless edged forward in victory after 2 consecutive three-way ties with Lady Morag Taylor and Lord Shahid al-Hasan.


Finally, our Baronial Youth Combat Champion will be held by not one but two. The position was contested by Nicolai and Christoph Leeman. We would not divide the house of Leeman and to have brother battle brother, and so we will have young champions to both our left and our right.


A well deserved Hare Salient was gifted to Lord Michael Corviser. Wassail to those who labour behind the scenes.


In your service
Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia

July 11, 2012

Letter to the Barony

We were pleased to see the turn-out at Summer Siege in Our Harrowgate Heath. Its a treat to see the equestrian demo have 3 horses this year. The Canton pulled off an impressive event, even after fending off Our friends of the East Kingdom at Border Dispute so recently. Many of those Eastern friends took the time to visit Our lands in a more peaceful manner, much to Our delight.

In Our court We were finally able to recognize some very active members of Our populace with Bunny Tails. Michael the Shieldmaker, Gwendolyn of Aldburg, Maion of Harrowgate Heath and James Edgarson have all made themselves known to Us through their great efforts and We are pleased to have officially welcomed them

On Friday the 13th, at Baronial Muster, We hope to see many of you once more. At this event We will be hosting a few very important tournaments.

1) Armoured Combat Champion tournament to replace current Champion, and Skraeling's Pennsic War General, Honourable Lord Shameus Tableburner.

2) Boffer Champion Tournament to replace current Champion, Duncan, son of Michael.

3) Rapier Champion Tournment to replace current Champion Master Don Aaron the Harper. Don Aaron is ending his tenure early because he is leaving Skraeling Althing at the end of the season.

See the event web site for the tournament specifies listed there.

We look forward to cheering on the mighty Skraels who show their prowess in Our tournaments. We are doing the unusual and allowing those from the Shire of Shire of Bastille du Lac, and the Shire of the Northern Outpost to compete for Our Champion as they have been well attending Our fight practices.

We look forward to seeing the newest authorized fighters, Lord Nathaniel Jonessone, Wayne of Harrowgate Heath and Martin of Harrowgate Heath fight for the honour on the list as well.

In your service
Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia

May 18, 2012

Letter to the Barony

Coronation and Border Dispute

At the Coronation of King Edward II and Rylyn II, their predecessors King Quilliam, and Queen Dagmar, bestowed the Award of the Maiden's Heart onto Lady Brayla la Viennette. This honour was well deserved.

More recently, in Our lands at Border Dispute, We were overwhelmed at the response to the Barony of L'Ile du Dragon Dormant invasion! There was much clashing of swords, the firing of thousands of arrows, and feasting until people exploded. You repelled the invasion force, and taught them lessons they won't soon forget! It was a firm tie in Our favour. We must never cease Our pursuit, We must follow them back to their island and strike when the time is right.

While the battle raged around them, three new authorizations took place, adding to our forces in this time of need. Jacobus Filius Aquila authorized armoured sword and shield, Mackenzie of Harrowgate Heath authorized youth combat and Nickolai Baldricsson, authorized youth two-sword.We are delighted that all their hard work has paid off, and we hope to see them on the battlefield again soon.
Lady Selwyn the Chased and Lord Cennèdig of Flichesburg both were bestowed thier Award of Arms. They should now be styled 'Lady' and 'Lord' respectively as benefits their new station.

Our Royal Majesties well recognized the value of leadership, and leaders, within Our Barony. Lady Morag Tayler, Lord Michael Eastbrooke, Lord Nathaniel Jonessone ‘the Dane', and Lord Michael Corviser were recognized for many years of hard work, with the award of the Maiden's Heart.

Lady Catherine Rose Lamont impressed Their Majesties with her artistic talents and hospitality. Our King and Queen bestowed the Award of the Orion on Lady Catherine so that all might recognize her good works.


Until We cross swords again
Baron Giovanni and
Baroness Lucia

April 18, 2012

Letter to the Barony

Break the Back of Winter, Bunny Tails, and Border Dispute

"Finally, the Blind A&S competition reminded us once again why our barony is know for the skills of our artisans. The judges were impressed with the level of detail and dedication in all the entries. Skraeling artisans, as well as those who are only Skraeling at heart, are raising the bar for our friends, and cousins, in the rest of the Kingdom and the Known World.

Beginner Category:
3rd place: Hunting Horn - John Wood (first event)
2nd place Tablet Weaving - Lady Gina Dragoni
1st place - Hand Spun Wool - Lady Gina Dragoni

Intermediate Category:
3rd place - Tutor Chemise - Lady Pasha also called Gypsy
2nd place - Wool Tunic & Trim - Dame Helen of Greyfells
1st place - Inkle Trim - Lady Kaðlín of Harrowgate Heath

Advanced Category:
3rd place - Rus Coat - Lady Dubhessa ui Uilliam
2nd place - Weight Balance - Mistress AElfwyn et Langanwuda
1st place - Brushes - Lady Marguerite Gingraix

Even in the presence of such skill and beauty, we should not allow our selves to become complacent with our more martial skills. Lord Nathaniel Jonessone brought news of incursions by the Barony of Dragon Dormont. We arrived to see our forces repelling the invaders in April. His sources reported a second assault was planned for the 12th of April, which we have heard was again successfully repelled.

We now know that these incidents have only been tests of our defenses.

On May 12th the Barony of Dragon Dormont is planning a border skirmish onto Our lands. We have asked the Shire of the Northern Outpost, as well as Our cousins in Ealdormere to assist in repelling them this day. Our mighty King by right of arms King Edward II, and fierce Queen by inspiration, Queen Rylyn II will journey this far to our aide in Harrowgate Heath.

As the fog of battle affects us all, please remember to wear your Bunny Tail favour so as to prevent any risk of friendly fire. We hope this letter finds you in plenty time to retrieve your favours from wherever you store them to keep them safe from harm.

In your service
Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia"

Congratulations to Lady Gina and Lady Kaðlín and thank you Lord Nathaniel for informing their Excellencies of the incursion!

Sunday, Apr 15, 2012

Urgent request for your Awards information from our Pursuivant,
Lord Nathaniel Jonessone

My Good Gentles of Harrowgate Heath,

As your new pursuivant, one of my jobs is to maintain our Order of Precedence, or, in other terms, what awards everyone has. It has been asked of me to compile this list in as quickly a fashion as possible. So, without further ado, could everyone please send me a list of any and all awards they have received while in the SCA as soon as possible so I can ensure this task is done in a timely manner. Please either call me at 613-744-2207, or email me with information. Any questions, please contact me as well. I am extremely grateful for your understanding and execution of this request.

Also, while we are at it, can you let me know if your names and arms are passed, and if you have any badges that we should be made aware of. Once again, thank you in advance.

Humbly yours, in Service,
Lord Nathaniel Jonessone.

Thursday, Apr 12, 2012

Report on Five Canton Practice in Cornwall
by Lord Nathaniel Jonessone

The Five Canton Practice was a resounding success with 23 heavy fighters, 5 fencers and 14 by standers (of which at least 5 were doing arts and science). Each of the five cantons in question had representatives there and the melee combat was quite impressive. We had a Don from the East show up, and three knights make it out (Baldric, Menken and Rhys from Northern Outpost). 22 went to the pub afterwards and a general good time was had by all. Lady Morag (via Lady Catherine) took pictures as did her Excellency of Dragon Dormant (and his Excellency of Dragon Dormant was there as well, as was her Excellency Xristinia)


Saturday, Apr 7, 2012

Report on Break the Back of Winter event in Greyfells
by Lord Richard of Dragon Castle

For those in attendance that wish to post anything here, please do send me a note (for the fighters, A&S competition, etc.)

I was called over to the Baronial 30th Anniversary history display by her Excellency, Baroness Lucia. Lord Robert the Blue had reminded her of our Canton's vow to stand guard over the display. I had not rememebered the exact wording of our scroll so for our Canton's honour, accepted the post immediately and stood guard.

I caught Lord Nathaniel's eye and motioned him over, explaining our vow (to the best of my memory) and asked him to relieve me later and I would collect others for rotation. He was most eager and insisted on relieving me right then. I spoke with Cennèdig, getting ready for fighting, to pass the word around when he had an opportunity.

As it turned out our vow was for the Ealdormere Museum (thanks Lady Avelyn) when ever it was in Skraeling Althings lands. To my knowledge it has not started circulating as of yet. I have since dispatched a message to her Excellency asking if the Baroinal history display is part of the Ealdormere Museum and suggested that others in the Barony would gladly stand guard over it as well ...but that she should give Lord Robert the first opportunity at every event.

The feast was flawless and delicious, at least to me. Many left overs were given out after feast and I have enjoyed them for days.

Thursday, Apr 5, 2012

Report on Chesterville school demo
by Lord Richard of Dragon Castle

Attendees: Morag, Vodnikov, Bridget, Stephen and myself

Lady Morag organised this demo for 9:30 am at the local grade school. I spoke first about Arts & Sciences with several items to be passed around. Next went Lord Vodnikov speaking as a scholar from Mongolia. He had many fine items like arrowheads, a bow, and a scroll case with games inside. Next was Lady Bridget and she talked about the games the children would play in period, which had other names than the games of today but are still very much the same. Then came Lord Stepehen and a talk about the foods the children would have ate. Lastly, Lady Morag stepped fourth in her shinny armour and she played a game of pin the name-of-the-armour-piece on the Knight. The children were very attentive.

Afterward (about and hour and a half) the teacher invited us to stay for their Easter Tea and sandwiches. A yummy spread.

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012

Report on Scribal 101 activity
by Lord Richard of Dragon Castle

Attendees: Vodnikov, Catherine, Morag, Kaðlín, Cennèdig and myself.

It was a beautiful drive out to Winchester with a clear sky and a bright, bright full moon! This has nothing to do with the Scribal 101 activity ... I just enjoyed the drive there. :)

Or wait, that could be an inspiration for a scroll!

Lady Catherine's place is easy to find: into Winchester, south at the T-junction 3-way stop and park on the east side of the road (actually between the road and the sidewalk) or in their large driveway if there is room.

The dinning room table seats six with more spots in the living room.

Lord Vodnikov and Lady Catherine had about 20 books between them on illumination and caligraphy. I am sure they had more elsewhere. Lots of blank scrolls in various stages of completion were shown giving great examples of the process and quality.

Samples of acrylic, gouache, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gouache, and gold leaf were shown. A discussion of paint brushes, tracing, free hand sketching and paper types were going on all evening. It was all very lively until all pulled out paper and started sketching ... then it went eirily quite, at least for me.

One observation was that perhaps once the painting started the erasing should stop so as to not shake the table. Lord Vodnikov suggested resting or anchouring your palm to minimise the effect. Just make sure your hand is clean.

Lady Kaðlín and Cennèdig had completed there sketches that evening. Enhancements or embelishments were discussed along with framing ideas, borders and glueing the scroll to a larger matte for easier framing. The others continued painting on other scrolls.

From what I heard, Lady Morag and Lady Avianna do calligraphy so if you want to work on a scroll for your pilgram taxes you might contact them (subject to availability).

A wonderful start to this monthly evening. I recommend you drop in for the encouragement and references when ever you can!

Thank you Lord Vodnikov and Lady Catherine.

January 27, 2012

Letter to the Barony

"In their Royal Court, Their Royal Majesties bestowed the Award of the Maiden's Heart onto Lady Avelyn Wexcombe.
"Lady Avelyn Wexcombe's Research Paper: "An Investigation into Reviving the Use of Saltpetre for Refrigeration: A Period Technique" winning the Beginner Category.
"Your taxes this year are "Pilgrimage". Skraeling Althing, as a Barony, is blessed with an abundance of active minds and generous spirits, something for which the last few months has provided ample evidence. However, the known world holds more than just our humble barony. We wish that our populace take the opportunity to savour all that it has to offer. We wish to hear tales and see the tokens of your travel to other Cantons, Shires, Baronies, and Kingdoms. Likewise, we also wish others to come on their own pilgrimages to Skraeling Althing and the many sights of wonder which are within our borders. As such, we also wish for hospitality to be the other side of the Pilgrimage coin and, again, tales and tokens of those with whom you have shared our beautiful lands are what we desire.

If neither of these options is available to you, but you have the means, perhaps you could act as the patron of another who wishes to take a voyage of discovery.
"In Your Service,
Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia"

Wasail Lady Avelyn!

January 21, 2012

Our canton 12th night was a wonderful event. The day started off with a pot and a stone, although we quickly ran out of room for the stone. The Wandering Minstreal's press gang, who were our autocrats Sean and Vodnikov, had a wonderful site set up for us. Downstairs we had the day board, full with the potluck goodness of all the peasant cooks. Our peasant breathern enjoyed games of Tafl, fox and geese, 9 Man Morris, Valhalla, and someone donated a few fingers to a game of bones.

Most peasentiest pendent went to Gwendyln who won a bowl with sugar, and to no ones surprise the most smelly and dirtiest peasent was Michael who won a kings randsom of salt. Perhaps a trip to the bath house will shortly be in his future.

Their excellencies arrived with warm greetings and appreciation for the peasants of Harrowgate Heath and how quickly we are growing. They also had many thanks for the Wandering Minstrel's press gang for organizing this event. Shortly after, the peasant action moved upstairs where games of one legged stool fighting and pushn'pull entertained the baron and onlookers. The poise of the lone female fight won the day, with amazing one legged spins and thrusts.

To close out the day we all shared the stone soup which was amazing. Full of flavour and packed with beans, potatoes and veggies! What a pleasurable day!

Thanks to Cennèdig for this update!

November 12, 2011

Letter to the Barony

"On the armoured list there were two authorizations in Armoured Combat: primary for Lady Kaðlín of Harrowgate Heath and Gwendolyn of Northfold reauthorized.
Their Majesties King Quillium and Queen Dagmar bestowed the Award of Arms on Lady Bridget of Cornwall, Lady Kaðlín of Harrowgate Heath, and Lord Stephen of Cornwall and the Award of the Maiden's Heart for the service of Lady Emelote of Calais.
"We request that our populace take a moment to read through the Order of Precedence on the Wolfium web site, http://wolfium.com/search.php, to make sure the listing are current and that your names are all spelled correctly. We are a vibrant and dynamic kingdom and such things are not always tracked as carefully as they could. Contact the Honourable Lady Liadin cu Teach Cairdas (trilliumherald@gmail.com) with any questions.
"In Your Service,
Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia"

Congratulations to all for their wonderful achievments!!!!

August 25, 2011 ... Award

Ealdormere Chronicler Blackfox was awarded this year to: The Chronicle, Barony of Skraeling Althing, Best Layout and Design

Congratulations to Lord Dafydd for his efforts!

June 5, 2011 ... Officer Change

Lord Nathaniel has been voted in as our new Herald / Pursuivant effective when his membership arrives!

ADDENDUM: Nov 6, 2011 - Lord Nathaniel will be the deputy Herald / Pursuivant to Lady Morag.

May 1, 2011 ... Officer Changes

Seneschal and Chatelaine changes and a new Rapier Marshal position is filled! Click here to see the minutes for details

April 14, 2011

Letter to the Barony

" Thankfully, the increased banditry We have seen on Our eastern saliant will be easier to deal with thanks to the three newly authorized fighters. George of Skrael, Hostilius Mendus, and Cennèdig of Flichesburg all passed thier heavy armoured combat authorization tests this day. In addition, Lord Dafydd ap Alun completed his training as rapier combat marshal and will now inaugurate the post of Harrowgate rapier marshal so We can soon hope to see Our martial might grow there as well.
"Hare Salients were award to the deserving Lady Constance of Caldrithig, Lady Avelyn Wexcombe, and Lady Marguerite Gingraix."
"In Your Service,
Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia"

Congratulations to Cennèdig for his authorization, Lord Dafydd for becoming eligible to be Harrowgate's first Rapier Marshal and to Lady Avelyn for her Hare Salient!!!

April, 2011 ... from Lord Michael Eastbrooke

The fighter parctice/relay for life fundraiser with our comrades to the south was a small success. With 20 spectators and seven fighters at SUNY in Potsdam, Morag and I kicked ass.

The tourney began with a round robin, where Laird Ian McDonald was the only one to best me -- one tough bastard he is!

Morag destroyed the viking brothers and the event evolved into a spectators choice- fighters and weapons. For some reason, they wanted to see me fight with dagger against spears, swords and axes. Fearful odds indeed!

The evening ended with a team bear pit, where Lord Olaf and I, triumphing over all combatants until beaten to death at a four on two bout. It gives the fighters of HH, great satisfaction solidifying our relationship with the fighters of Northern Outpost; they are great people, worthy of our friendship.


Click here to see the fighter bio's and some photos of the event

March 13, 2011

Fulke of Athol is now the Canton’s new Minister of Arts and Science.

Summer Siege’s official date is Saturday, June 25th, 2011, and being held in Chesterville.

Lady Morag Tayler is submitting her name to enter Crown Tourney in May! Let’s show her all our support!

February 18, 2011

Letter to the Barony

"Greetings unto the warm hearths of the Barony of Skraeling Althing, from your proud Baron Giovanni, and Baroness Lucia;

This past weekend found us among friends at the Valentine's Day Massacre in Swan's Keep. There were so many good gentles in attendance from Skraeling Althing that we built our own neighbourhood.

In Their Majesties' court We witnessed Lord Dafydd ap Alun propose to Lady Avelyn Wexcombe. Now that they have secured permission of the King Etain au Naval and Queen Valfreya Greenspear, they will be wed post-haste, in May of this year."


"In your service,
Baron Giovanni and Baroness Lucia"

Yeah Lord Dafydd and Lady Avelyn !!!

January 2, 2011

The following Officer positions are coming up for renewal. If you are interested in either of these please contact the Officer in the position or our Seneschal:

November 6, 2010

News from Feast of the Hare

In Baronial court, Lord Dafydd received his Hare Valiant. Congratulations!!!

All three of our new fighters authorized this day as well: Steven and Lord Nathanael authorized in heavy. Duncan authorized in boffer.

As well, Lord Nathanael placed 2nd in the newbie tournament and Duncan won the Boffer tournament.

April 24, 2010

News from Coronation

At the Coronation of Their Majesties Quilliam and Dagmar, two members of Harrowagte Heath were summoned into court.

In the final court if Their Majesties Nigel and Adrielle, The Honourable Baroness Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees was called into court and put on vigil for the Order of the Laurel. Her Excellency was tasked with contemplating this honour, and with providing a response to Their Magesties at a future court. The Order of the Laurel is a peerage level award and represents the ultimate recognition for work in period arts and sciences in the society.

In the evening court of Their Magesties Quilliam and Dagmar, Lady Aevianna Nordengel, was called into court and presented with her Maiden's Heart. The Maiden's Heart is given to those who have performed exemplary service to Ealdormere and who demonstrate courteous and chivalrous behaviour.

Congratulations to both Baroness Rozalynd and Lady Aevianna!

November 11, 2009

News from Feast of the Hare

First, an apology. For technical reasons I have fallen behind in my news postings and we missed some news from the summer. Harrowgate Heath ran a very successful Summer Siege event and Pennsic and other events have also been happening. We are back up and running now and I will do my best to keep up with the news going forward. My apologies also to any members of the Canton who's important news was missed over the summer.

At Feast of the Hare, on November 7th, there were many members of the Canton who contributed and were recognized.

In Kingdom court:

The Honourable Baroness Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees was called into court by Their Majesties and awarded with a Maiden's Heart. The Maiden's Heart is given to those who have performed exemplary service to Ealdormere and who demonstrate courteous and chivalrous behaviour.

Michael Eastbrook (real name, Michael Smith) was called up in court by Their Royal Majesties to receive his Award of Arms. The Award of Arms is a Kingdom level award recognizing individuals who have given service that enhances the experience of others within the society. It is often the first Kingdom level award a person receives. Receiving an AoA allows the recipient to style themselves as 'Lord' or 'Lady'.

In Baronial court:

Lady Emelote of Calais (real name, Erin Thornton) became the new bearer of the Great Chalice of Skraeling Althing. The chalice is given to someone who is seen as an example of authenticity in their recreation, and who has advanced the cause of authenticity in diverse aspects of Baronial life. Lady Emelote will be the Baronial Cup Bearer until the chalice is presented to the next recipient (likely in one year).

Two of our youngest Canton members, Saraphina the Quick and Alana the Quiet were called up into Baronial court by their Excellencies and presented with their bunny tails. The bunny tail is usually the first Baronial recognition a person gets and is used to acknowledge that a newcomer is now "one of us" and is a valued member of the Barony.

Other Hare news:

In Baronial court, the ceremony to hand over the Seneschal's key for Harrowgate Heath was conducted. Lady Emelote of Calais, our previous Seneschal, has stepped down and our new Seneschal, Lady Aevianna Nordengel (real name, Melissa Richmond) has now officially received the keys to the Canton.

Of course, as is tradition at Feast of the Hare, Baronial taxes were presented. Our thanks go out to Lady Gina Dragoni, (real name, Gina Cook) and Lord Richard of Dragon Castle (real name, Richard Cook) for their efforts to prepare our taxes, and to Lord Dragul Maksimov Vodnikov and Lady Aevianna Nordengel for their interim taxes that succeeded in causing the entire court (including Their Magesties, Her Highness and Their Excellencies) to howl in laughter.

Also, thanks go to those who fed the populace at Feast of the Hare. Both the lunch and the feast were led by members of Harrowgate Heath.

The lunch was conducted as a fundraiser by the Surly Mermaid household - Lady Emelote of Calais, Lady Avelyn Wexcombe (real name, Melanie Reasbeck) and Lord Dafydd ap Alan (real name, David Gotlieb) and raised $145 for the Baronial camping regalia fund.

Feast was prepared by Meisterin Siglinde Harfnerstochter and Lady Eluned ferch Angor (real name, Lynette Pike), with much assistance from others I'm sure. It included a special "treat" for head table in the spirit of maximizing the use of all parts of any meats served at the feast.

As well, prior to feast, Lady Emelote of Calais announced her intention to challenge to enter the White Wolf Fian. She has one year to produce her intended Arts & Science project, which will be judged to determine if she should be accepted into the Fian.

To all those who helped make Feast of the Hare such a memorable event, and to those recognized in court our congratulations and Wassail!!!!

May 18 , 2009

News from Dandelion Festival

This weekend was full of fun and news at Dandelion Festival in Tor Brant. In addition to the investiture of our new Baron and Baroness, several members of Harrowgate Heath had important news from the event.

First, congratulations to Eluned ferch Angor (real name, Lynette Pike), who was called up in court by Their Royal Majesties Roak of Ealdormere and Jocea Valente to receive her Award of Arms (AoA). The Award of Arms is a Kingdom level award recognizing individuals who have given service that enhances the experience of others within the society. It is often the first Kingdom level award a person receives. Receiving an AoA allows the recipient to style themselves as 'Lord' or 'Lady'.

As well, prior to court, both Lady Avelyn Wexcombe (real name, Melanie Reasbeck) and Lady Emelote of Calais (real name, Erin Thornton) were called to stand before the gathered gentles and asked an important question by Dame TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview. Lady Avelyn has accepted her offer and has become her latest Protege, while Lady Emelote also accepted to become both her Apprenctice and Protege.

Congratulations to all!!!!

March 29, 2009

Canton Members win Top Prizes in
Break the Back of Winter A&S Competition

Two members of Harrowgate Heath won first place in two of the categories in the A&S competition at Break the Back of Winter this weekend.

Lady Gina Dragoni, (real name, Gina Cook) won first place in the beginner category for her card woven belts.

In the intermediate category, Lady Emelote of Calais (real name, Erin Thornton) won first place for her tudor gown.

Congratulations to both Lady Gina and Lady Emelote!

December 1, 2008

Call for Canton Chirurgeon Candidates

The Canton of Harrowgate Heath has put out a call for interested members who wish to fill the position of Canton Chirurgeon. Chirurgeons provide first aid at official SCA events and are key to making sure that attendees enjoy a safe and healthy day at Canton activities.

In order to fill the position, the candidate must be a full Chirurgeon in good standing.

Any interested in the position should contact the Seneschal, Lady Emelote of Calais (real name, Erin Thornton), prior to the Canton business meeting on December 7th, 2008.

November 25, 2008

The End of an Era

For the past six years, many of us have taken advantage of the Tuesday night Arts and Sciences nights held at Dragon Castle (the home of Lady Gina Dragoni and Lord Richard of Dragon Castle) in Kanata. Many a night have been spent discussing everything from garb making and fabric to heraldry and Pennsic (with a few mundane conversations thown in for good measure).

Alas, due to waining attendance, Lady Gina and Lord Richard have sadly decided that the Tuesday night west end A&S night will come to and end.

Thank you to Lady Gina and Lord Richard for their hospitality over the years.

November 10, 2008

News from Feast of the Hare

For those unable to attend, there was a fair bit of news coming out of Feast of the Hare.

First, congratulations to our Chatelaine, Avelyn Wexcombe (real name, Melanie Reasbeck), who was called up in court by Their Royal Majesties Valfreya Greenspeare and Etain au Naval to receive her Award of Arms. The Award of Arms is a Kingdom level award recognizing individuals who have given service that enhances the experience of others within the society. It is often the first Kingdom level award a person receives. Receiving an AoA allows the recipient to style themselves as 'Lord' or 'Lady'.

As well, The Honourable Baroness Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees was called up in Baronial court and was asked to permit the Barony to name one of its bows after her, in honour of her generosity in providing the Barony with archery equipment in the past that was in need of some repair. From this day forth, the 27 pound bow that was the result of that generosity will now be called Roz!

Congratulations must also go out to The Honourable Baron Master James the Mercer and The Honourable Baroness Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees for the fine feast they presented at Feast of the Hare!

Finally, on a more somber note, their Excellencies, Lord Derfel Malory, and his Lady Mélisande du Rocher, Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing, officially stepped down from their posts. Our Vicaress, Baroness Xristina Viaceslavova will continue in her position until a new Baron and Baroness are selected. More details of the seleaction process will be forthecoming but nominations and submissions of interest will be accepted until December 31st.

October 27, 2008

A Dark Winter's Fair Event Cancelled

The Canton's A Dark Winter's Fair event that was scheduled for January 31st has been cancelled to support the newly announced Kingdom 12th Night event to celebrate Ealdormere's 10th anniversary. Further details about the Kingdom 12th Night event are pending, but we encourage those who can to join the rest of Ealdormere in celebrating.

But have no fear, all of the amazing ideas for our event have not been shelved, simply delayed. We'll put them back into the bag of ideas for use at a future event.


September 15, 2008

Awards for Two Members of Harrowgate

Two members of Harrowgate Heath were called up to court at Baron's Howe by Their Majesties Aaron III & Rustique III, King and Queen of Ealdormere, to receive their Award of Arms (AoA).

The Award of Arms is a Kingdom level award recognizing individuals who have given service that enhances the experience of others within the society. It is often the first Kingdom level award a person receives. Receiving an AoA allows the recipient to style themselves as 'Lord' or 'Lady'.

Congratulations to Lady Emelote of Calais (real name, Erin Thornton) and Lord Dafydd ap Alan (real name, David Gotlieb).

(Editors Note: Unfortunately, both Lady Emelote and Lord Dafydd were unable to attend Baron's Howe and Lady Gina Dragoni kindly represented both new nobles in court. Their scrolls will be presented at a future court.)

August 19, 2008

Next Baronial Seneschal Named

The next Seneschal of Skraeling Althing has been chosen. Our very own Lord Dragul Maksimov Vodnikov has been selected to become the next Baronial Seneschal.

Lord Vodnikov will officially be taking over the position at the Feast of the Hare in November.

August 14, 2008

Canton Member Elevated to the Order of the Pelican

Really big news coming out of Pennsic last week. The Honourable Baron James the Mercer (real name, Gordon Bulmer) has been elevated to the Order of the Pelican for his long and dedicated service to the Kingdom.

The Order of the Pelican is the highest kingdom level award for service and recognizes those who have made a significant and long-lasting contribution to improving the experience of others within the SCA over a long period of time.

Baron James has a long history of service to the SCA. He currently holds several positions at both the Baronial and Kingdom levels and, until earlier this year, was Harrowgate Heath's Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Wassail !!!!!


July 3, 2008

Newest Member of the Chirurgeonate from Harrowgate Heath

More news from Trillium! Congratulations to Lady Gina Dragoni (real name, Gina Cook), who was named a fullly-warranted Chirurgeon at court at Trillium War.

As the providers of first aid at SCA events, chirurgeons are extremely important to the society and we are very proud to have Lady Gina amoung their ranks after a great deal of hard work and training.

Wassail !!!!!

July 2, 2008

Canton Member Wins Silver at Trillium War A&S

Congratulations go out to Eluned ferch Angor (real name, Lynette Pike), who won a silver medal at the Trillum War Arts & Sciences competition this past weekend.

Eluned won the medal for her entry in the Domestic Arts and Science category, a hand knit felted belt pouch.


June 11, 2008

New Canton Officers Named

At the June business meeting, two new officers were named for Harrowgate Heath.

Avelyn Wexcombe (real name, Melanie Reasbeck) has stepped up as Harrowgate Heath's new Chatelaine.

Lord Dragul Maksimov Vodnikov has stepped up as Harrowgate Heath's new Minister of Arts and Sciences.

The Canton's thanks go out to our outgoing officers, Lady Hawise de Makesaye and The Honourable Baron James the Mercer for their tremendous contributions to Harrowgate Heath.

Please note that there remain several deputy officer positions available. Deputy positions are a great way to learn the ropes of a position and contribute to the Canton.

June 1, 2008

Archery at Marshal Meadows a Great Success

The Canton of Harrowgate Heath would like to thank all who attended our wonderful event on May 31st. Despite some wet weather in the morning, it seemed that all who attended had a wonderful day of fun and archery.

In particular, we would like to thank our new Vicaress, The Honourable Baroness Xristina Viaceslavova, for joining us as it was her first event in the Barony since being named Vicaress.

We would also like to congratulate our very own Herr Reinhart Von Altenburg, who was named the new Baronial Archery Champion!

Wassail !!!!!

Pictures from the event are posted in the photo gallery.