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Canton Officers

Canton Officers are members who perform various administrative tasks for the group. They provide leadership and guidance to the rest of the Canton, and assist the "president", or Seneschal, of the group with decision-making and other responsibilities.

If you are someone from the public looking to find out more information about Harrowgate Heath and what we do, or you are newcomer looking to join our group, you should contact either the Chatelaine or the Seneschal to start, but any of the officers can help you.

Badge of Office Office Description Click on name to send email
The Seneschal is the leader of the Canton. In addition to coordinating annual reports and chairing meetings, the Seneschal is also responsible for guiding the Canton forward and is the primary contact for the Canton.
The Exchequer is the treasurer for the Canton. They manage the accounts and are responsible for the Canton's finances.
The Herald helps members of the Canton to choose a period name and design a coat of arms, and helps them to register these with the SCA. The Herald also keeps track of all awards received by each member, and makes the announcements at events.
The Chatelaine is the "welcome wagon" for the Canton. They greet new or potential members and help new people get oriented within the group and the SCA as a whole.
The Minister of Arts and Sciences is charged with promoting the arts and sciences within the Canton. They organize learning sessions, report on the Canton's participation in the arts and sciences and help get Canton members in touch with those who can teach them new skills.
The Fighting Marshal supervises combat-related activities in the Canton. They make sure that the fighters obey the rules, that all fighters are properly trained and equipped, and that all safety practices are followed.
The Rapier Marshal supervises rapier combat activities (a variation of modern fencing). They organize practices, see that new fighters receive proper training, and ensure that safety rules are followed.
The Archery Marshal supervises archery activities. They organize and run practices, make sure that archers are shooting safely and that all rules are being followed.
The Clerk-Register is responsible for maintaining the Canton Web site.